Carbon Vision, LLC.


What we do.

  • Financial service renewable energy analysis and project development firm
  • Assess financial incentives
  • Provide financial consultation and grant preparation
  • Register energy projects and environmental credits
Other Services

​Installation of more than 100 solar projects in Ohio and US Virgin
​ Islands
Consulate on solar and wind projects in Ohio, Arizona, California,
  Indiana, Massachusettes, and New York
Provide environmental consultation for multiple businesses, trade
  associations, and state and local governments from carbon
​ footprinting to project feasibility analysis​​​

Owned and Operated Solar Projects

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) Cleveland, Ohio
1.02 MegaWatt ground mounted solar array
  Commenced operations February 2013
Hyram College, Hyram Ohio
350 KiloWatt ground mounted solar array
Commenced operations March 2013
College of Wooster, Wooster ohio
248 KiloWatt roof mounted solar array
commenced operations September 2011

Lower carbon emissions with renewables.

Experienced provider of solar and environmental  consulting.


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